THE DEMAND FOR FREE We live in a world of facilities, in which “free” services abound through the networks and that seems to me something great. We should be grateful for how much we receive in exchange for a simple internet connection. Isn’t it wonderful? It seems it is not the case. Focusing on the sector that concerns me as a professional and art lover, I can say that flamenco consumers have reached a point where they DEMAND that artists have to offer their work for free. Recently, as you all know, I have opened my virtual school in which I offer classes for all levels, by the way I leave you here the link Well, in addition to these …


Casa patas

CASA PATAS I remember my first performance, along with my brother Domingo Ortega, dancing some tientos that El Falo sang to us. My legs trembled, that was the temple where the best had passed by, the great figures of flamenco. The artists that I admired so much since I was a child. And there I was, stepping on the same boards. Who would not shake their legs? Casa Patas was a great door for me, a before and after in my artistic career. After that first performance, many others would come, some alone and others from the hand of my brother Domingo again, but I always felt the same respect for that stage no matter how many times I stepped …

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My firefly

MY FIREFLY It was a night of tears in which it also happened to rain. Lying on my bed I could glimpse the light of a lamppost next to my house. The bay leaves in my garden swayed with the rain and the wind, letting glimpse the whitish glow of the water drops  under the lamppost. I thought the image was beautiful, flashes of white light through the dark green foliage of my night garden. I tried to focus on that light looking for a hint of illusion that would appease my sadness and grief at that moment. My grief was so great that I felt the tears in my eyes melt with the raindrops outside. Suddenly a different light …

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