The beginnings in the dance: what nerves!

We all hide our failures, fears and mistakes, but today I thought it would be good to bring them to light, because they may serve as motivation for others in their beginnings in the dance.
I would love to say that each and every time I have danced, I have enjoyed the experience, but it is not true. The pure reality is that in the beginning the majority of the times I went on stage, it was not a pleasure but rather a suffering experience. The pleasure came later, when the blood returned to my legs after the shock that had happened.
The first times I went on stage I remember feeling a tingling in my belly, which went down my legs and left them like two pieces of jellies. I am sure that many of you will have experienced similar sensations. It is not easy to get on stage and face the public.
It was not until the fifteenth or sixteenth time, when I finally could enjoy what took place and happened during the time of the performance.
The mind sometimes plays against you and so does the lack of self-esteem.
You have to have a good dose of ego to face an audience that most of the time will judge more than enjoy.

The public
It is the bad thing about the beginnings, when you already have a name and an artistic recognition, the public will see you with the predisposition to applause, even if you do it wrong, because they assume that you are going to do something of good quality, even when one day is not like that.
On the other hand, when you are still a stranger at the media level, that same audience hold a somewhat more inquisitive attitude: “Let’s see what this artist offers us …”
The truth is that the reaction of the public probably depends more on the mood of the viewer himself than on what the artist can actually offer.
A recognized artist could scratch his belly figuratively, that is, make a mediocre show and the public would also stand up.
However, a still unknown artist could make her/his best and hopefully he would get a decent applause.
That’s why the beginnings in dance are so hard, but like everything in life you have to pay the price of learning.
I learned from my mistakes like everyone else and suffered my shame on stage.
If you want to know a funny anecdote of my beginnings, do not forget to visit the Blog and read my next publication. Stay tuned!
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