Casa patas


I remember my first performance, along with my brother Domingo Ortega, dancing some tientos that El Falo sang to us.

My legs trembled, that was the temple where the best had passed by, the great figures of flamenco. The artists that I admired so much since I was a child.
And there I was, stepping on the same boards. Who would not shake their legs?
Casa Patas was a great door for me, a before and after in my artistic career.

After that first performance, many others would come, some alone and others from the hand of my brother Domingo again,

but I always felt the same respect for that stage no matter how many times I stepped on it.

That little dressing room in which we have shared so much laughter, so much complicity and so much camaraderie,

a place where art has no choice but to connect to every corner. Casa Patas is impregnated with solera.

I can assure you that other tablaos in Madrid have been carried away by fashions, artists of the moment and contemporary fusion,

but Casa Patas always had its own label and was undoubtedly FLAMENCO.

In fact, it had so much label that almost all the tablaos in Madrid, no matter how old they were, ended up copying their work format. The performance of individual artists as dance figures with their own musicians.

How many art nights, how many new dances, how many shared experiences, how much applause, how much learning.
It would be difficult to describe what Casa Patas has been for me, but risking to summarize a thousand feelings in one word, this would be


How many can say that about a tablao over the years?

I personally can only use this word for Casa Patas,

because even though I have been received with affection in other tablaos,

none without exceptions have bet on me for as many years as my beloved Patas did.

Today I dance in these words for you, Casa Patas, hopping that closure is only temporary,

so that the world appreciates your absence, so that no one forgets the value

of your humility and authenticity.

I wait for you with love and respect, Casa Patas, my dear Patas.

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