My firefly

MY FIREFLY It was a night of tears in which it also happened to rain. Lying on my bed I could glimpse the light of a lamppost next to my house. The bay leaves in my garden swayed with the rain and the wind, letting glimpse the whitish glow of the water drops  under the lamppost. I thought the image was beautiful, flashes of white light through the dark green foliage of my night garden. I tried to focus on that light looking for a hint of illusion that would appease my sadness and grief at that moment. My grief was so great that I felt the tears in my eyes melt with the raindrops outside. Suddenly a different light …

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The world without art

El Mundo sin Arte

Would you have ever imagined the world without a single artistic expression? Since our origins, art has always found a way to manifest itself, whether through music, painting, writing, dance, interpretation or construction. We have immense examples on this planet that our ancestors have left for us. From cave paintings to imposing buildings or delicate masterpieces in music, dance, theater, sculpture and many others. But let’s go back in time to the current moment: Spain, March, state of alarm in the country for coronavirus infection, confinement of the population that is gradually expanding worldwide. What happens now with art? Can you lock it up too? The government has closed theaters, exhibition halls, tablaos, concert halls, absolutely every place that can …

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Japan, a home for flamenco

Inmaculada Ortega en Japón

I was always curious about the great attraction that the Japaneses feel for flamenco and making a small immersion in our respective cultures, I have discovered that I can find similarities in certain elements of our traditional dances and music. Moreover, without pretending to philosophize too much in our roots, what calls my attention the most m is not the attraction, but the respect and seriousness they have for this art. I have been traveling to the country of the rising sun for years, living magical experiences such as bathing in an “onsen”, contemplating the Gingkaku-ji or simply strolling through a traditional Japanese garden. Delighting myself with Japanese cuisine and enjoying the unparalleled courtesy that this race offers so generously. But I have also lived devastating experiences such as the Kobe earthquake, which …

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