Manuel Reyes at the Theaters del Canal

“Tan Solo” by Manuel Reyes at the Theaters del Canal

Last night I had the pleasure of attending an extraordinary show “Tan Solo” by Manuel Reyes at the Theaters del Canal.

Madrid en Danza Manuel Reyes
Cartel “Tan solo” Manuel Reyes
Backstage Manuel Reyes en Teatros del Canal
Backstage #MadridEnDanza

Well, with this humility Manuel began a solo show that was intriguing, emotional, captivating and with an exquisite elegance.

It had been years since I had enjoyed a show like the one we had last night.

Tired of seeing so many “flamencos” in series, pulling the wool over people´s eyes, contemporary dance with flamenco shoes, so much senseless footwork and repetitive fashion, I had almost thrown in the towel and assumed that the path that current flamenco is taking was not in Absolute of my interest.

On the other hand, yesterday I got excited again, I shouted again “thousand oles” like a girl from my seat, I felt inspiration, motivation and even felt that we were recovering the course in this agitated ocean in which we find ourselves.

After a farruca of sublime sweetness, of tremendous elegance and masculinity I felt that within me my love for flamenco was beating again.

Taste is not in the strange, it is not in “the never seen before” it is not in “the most difficult yet” it is in the simplicity of feeling, in its honesty and of course in mastery.

"Tan Solo" Manuel Reyes
Madrid en Danza Manuel Reyes en Teatros del Canal

Life happens today, at a dizzying speed. What used to take years to mature, now growth is accelerated in days or weeks and sadly, as with chickens or vegetables, I observe that the same thing also happens in flamenco. One can find thousands of dancers who, without ever attending a class, are already flamenco stars and the question may be asked: where did they come from? if they were never seen in studios or flamenco schools. Did they learn from youtube or were them inserted a microchip?

I will never know, although because of the way they dance, I opt more for the microchip option, after all, most seem to go in series.

Well last night I had the great pleasure of seeing a product without alteration, with natural maturation, with hearth and, most importantly, with authenticity and designation of origin.

Because you don’t have to pretend to be flamenco, you just have to feel it and prove it.

Manuel Reyes left the stage with the hole audience standing up, with endless applause and infinite “oles and bravos” that spontaneously came from our mouths and our hearts.

“You, Manuel, finished your show with a hat on, I humbly take my own hat off to you, to your greatness, your art and your mastery.

Ole tu Manuel Reyes. Viva la madre que te parió”

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