My firefly


It was a night of tears in which it also happened to rain.

Lying on my bed I could glimpse the light of a lamppost next to my house. The bay leaves in my garden swayed with the rain and the wind, letting glimpse the whitish glow of the water drops  under the lamppost.

I thought the image was beautiful, flashes of white light through the dark green foliage of my night garden. I tried to focus on that light looking for a hint of illusion that would appease my sadness and grief at that moment.

My grief was so great that I felt the tears in my eyes melt with the raindrops outside.

Suddenly a different light appeared, something moving horizontally, a bright light flitting rapidly and gracefully around that lamppost. I felt a great intrigue and I went out into the garden despite the rain.

The light appeared intermittently with dance movements, making my sad affliction take a back seat and my soul as a dancer joined in dancing with that being that I imagine would be a firefly.

I searched the internet for pictures of fireflies and if there was a possibility that they would fly in the rain. I found affirmatively that females shine only when they seek to mate in wooded areas and on rainy nights.

Never in my life had I seen a firefly with which I fell asleep as a child thinking that amid so much sadness life had given me “a flash of light”

Today I searched the Internet for encouraging phrases, I needed to feed my spirit in these moments of special difficulty, so I entered “INTERIOR LIGHT PHRASES”

What was my surprise when I found a story called


I do not know what you may think, but I do not believe in coincidences, although I do believe in the lessons of the Universe, God, Life or whatever you want to call it.

The story goes like this:

One summer afternoon a happy and distracted firefly was flying, moving gracefully up and down while a hungry and bored snake stared at her. Without thinking twice, the snake began to chase after her, lunged for her and tried to bite her. The firefly barely managed to escape, but the fierce predator did not give up trying to eat it and stretching its entire body it jumped to bite again. The firefly flew as high as it could to escape.

The scene was repeated for days until the third, the exhausted firefly perched on a leaf and asked the snake directly: can I ask you three questions?

The snake thinking it was going to eat it anyway agreed to answer.

Do you feed on fireflies? The snake replied: NO

Have I done you any harm? The snake answered NO

Then why do you want to kill me? The snake, without finding a logical answer, kept a long silence while it started to redden until it managed to snap angrily,


While saying this, the snake attempted one last enraged attack, but the firefly took advantage of that wild impulse to fly out through the leaves and escape.

Have you ever wondered why you have been attacked or hurt if you have done nothing wrong or against anyone, the answer is simply because some cannot bear to see you shine.

If this happens to you, as it has happened to me, it is best to follow your path with determination, try to surround yourself with the light of other fireflies and share your own light with them.

When someone envies your light, it may hurt, but do not allow them to stop you, stay away from predators and their darkness and shine with your own light because there will always be someone who knows how to value your light.

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