Japan, a home for flamenco

Inmaculada Ortega en Japón

I was always curious about the great attraction that the Japaneses feel for flamenco and making a small immersion in our respective cultures, I have discovered that I can find similarities in certain elements of our traditional dances and music. Moreover, without pretending to philosophize too much in our roots, what calls my attention the most m is not the attraction, but the respect and seriousness they have for this art. I have been traveling to the country of the rising sun for years, living magical experiences such as bathing in an “onsen”, contemplating the Gingkaku-ji or simply strolling through a traditional Japanese garden. Delighting myself with Japanese cuisine and enjoying the unparalleled courtesy that this race offers so generously. But I have also lived devastating experiences such as the Kobe earthquake, which …

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Manuel Reyes at the Theaters del Canal

"Tan solo" Manuel Reyes

“Tan Solo” by Manuel Reyes at the Theaters del Canal Last night I had the pleasure of attending an extraordinary show “Tan Solo” by Manuel Reyes at the Theaters del Canal. Well, with this humility Manuel began a solo show that was intriguing, emotional, captivating and with an exquisite elegance. It had been years since I had enjoyed a show like the one we had last night. Tired of seeing so many “flamencos” in series, pulling the wool over people´s eyes, contemporary dance with flamenco shoes, so much senseless footwork and repetitive fashion, I had almost thrown in the towel and assumed that the path that current flamenco is taking was not in Absolute of my interest. On the other …

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