The world without art

Would you have ever imagined the world without a single artistic expression?

Since our origins, art has always found a way to manifest itself, whether through music, painting, writing, dance, interpretation or construction.
We have immense examples on this planet that our ancestors have left for us. From cave paintings to imposing buildings or delicate masterpieces in music, dance, theater, sculpture and many others.

But let’s go back in time to the current moment: Spain, March, state of alarm in the country for coronavirus infection, confinement of the population that is gradually expanding worldwide.

What happens now with art? Can you lock it up too?

The government has closed theaters, exhibition halls, tablaos, concert halls, absolutely every place that can gather public and therefore involves contagion and spread of the virus. Everything is understandable, it is for the good of humanity.

All the artists find ourselves confined at home, without work, most of them, without income, except for the lucky ones who are civil servants. Some of us will therefore be anxious to return to work and others will be taking a quiet time, but after all we are all at home with this wonderful gift that seems divine to me.
People can be confined, but decidedly ART IS FREE and cannot be locked up, it continues its expansion as the divine expression that it is. 

Today we see people singing on their balconies, artists who dance, paint, interpret or write at home and thanks to new technologies and social networks, they spread their creations and allow that art to continue on its way, entering and leaving our lives.

Today I have perhaps become somewhat philosophical, but observing this situation from my warm home I say: Thank you God, thank you Universe, because despite the difficulties that being an artist means to me, you gave me the most beautiful and free Gift that could be created.

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