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Dear students
It is with great regret that I communicate the cancellation of the Inmaculada Ortega Flamenco Workshop, Miraflores 2020.
Seeing that in Spain the state of alarm is lengthening and there is no response from the government to the subsequent measures or their duration, I find myself in a position to cancel this year our beloved course, leaving here the hope of toasting and dancing together in 2021 with more desire than ever.
All the love, health and well-being for you who form OUR FAMILY IN MIRAFLORES.
Sincerely, the director:
Inmaculada Ortega.

Flamenco Workshop Inmaculada Ortega

Miraflores 2020

August 3 to 15, 2020

Flamenco workshop teachers

Mónica Fernández

Dance teacher

Domingo Ortega

Flamenco Dance Teacher

Maxi Rebman

Flamenco Dance Teacher

Inmaculada Ortega

Flamenco Dance Teacher

Profesora Lynn Martlew

Lynn Martlew

Pilates teacher

Antonio Españadero

Flamenco Guitar Teacher

Andrés Heredia

Flamenco Guitar Teacher

Pedro Sanz

Flamenco Singer Teacher

Celia Pareja

Dance teacher

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