Flamenco Dance Classes

Clases de baile flamenco del taller

  • Choreography Classes: In these classes the teachers will choreograph a full dance per week.
  • Foot Technique Classes: we will work the foot technique and the compass, off-beats, syncopates, latiguillos, etc.
  • Body technique: Arms, hips, heads, body elasticity, turns, body accent and musicality will be worked.
  • Bata de Cola: In this class the technique will be worked on and choreographies will be performed with varying difficulty depending on the level. We advise to work with your own bata because each bata varies in structure, weight or design but if you do not have a bata to work with, let us know and we will lend you a bata for free to take the course.
  • Shawl and fan: The technique of these elements will be worked as well as their use in different choreographic fragments or complete dances will be performed according to the level to which you are enrolled. If you have your own shawl and fan, we advise you to work with them during the course so that you get used to their weight and design, but if you don’t have any to work with yet, we will lend you both shawl and fan for free.
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