Flamenco Guitar Classes

Flamenco Workshop Guitar Classes

During these classes the guitarist will acquire skill in the technique, compass and flamenco style Of the Spanish guitar. Guided by our teacher in a very small group of students, we will work the palos chosen by the students themselves. Each at his level.

This class will be taught daily and will last one hour.

Students will accompany in dance classes with the teacher, taking their advice at all times. These classes are very practical, and each student will choose the class they wish to accompany, being able to choose by level of difficulty in the choreographies or by flamenco palos regardless of the level that is danced.

A professional dancer will be available for one hour a day with our guitar and singing teachers to explain and practice with the guitarist and singer students, the language and communication between musicians and dancers in the tablaos. Different styles and ways of accompanying the dance will be practiced, where and how to put falsetas, tone ruedas, etc., spontaneously, without this entailing a predetermined choreographic assembly. The initiative of the guitarist will be practiced.

In this class our singing teacher will teach the students the different palos and styles of singing, as well as how to accompany them with the guitar. We will know the origin of these styles and a bit of the history of flamenco. This class will be taught daily and will last half an hour.

These classes are taught daily with a duration of one hour. Different Palos will be learned and practiced together with the rest of the dance students.

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