Andrés Heredia

Flamenco Guitar Teacher

Born in Madrid, from an artist’s family, his father Andres Heredia, also a guitarist, stands out as a guitarist for singing and dancing, he follows his father’s career accompanying leading artists of singing and dancing, such as La Tati, Belen Maya, Juan Andres Maya, Jose Merce, Lola Flores, Joaquin Cortes, El Grilo, Immaculada Ortega, Domingo Ortega, etc.

He has also been part of companies such as  Luisillo, MariaRosa, Rafael Aguilar and others, and has also practiced teaching at the Espinillo Conservatory, has been in almost all the Tablaos in Madrid, Café de Chinitas, Torrebermejas, El Corral de la Moreria , Los Cabales and others.

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