Pedro Sanz

Flamenco Cante Teacher

Pedro Sanz was born in Madrid in the bosom of a family which, is not linked to the world of flamenco, but that is no reason for him to feel the call of this art very soon and make it his own. At 16 he debuted at the Alcazar Theater in Madrid.

From that moment he began his professional career, caring so much for the classical repertoire of flamenco singing, as for the care of vocal technique, taking voice lessons with the prestigious Argentine singer Olga Manzano.

In 1995 he won the Flamenco Cante contest “The Golden Chair” in Madrid

His training is basically self-taught, but thanks to his hobby he enters the flamenco circles of Madrid, coming into contact with teachers and fans of this art in Peñas Flamencas and singing meetings. Later he will debut in many Flamenco Tablaos of the capital such as El Corral de la Pacheca, El Café de Chinitas, Las Carboneras, Casa Patas, El Corral de la Morería and Las Tablas, tablao in which we can now hear him frequently.

Thanks to his time at the tablao school, Pedro Sanz has the opportunity to sing for different figures and promises of the Flamenco Dance, among the dancers that can be highlighted are Blanca del Rey, Tomás de Madrid, Miguel Sandoval, La Tati, La China, Joaquin Ruiz, El Flamenco Vive Company, María Juncal, Joselito Fernandez, Soraya Clavijo, Immaculada Ortega, José Barrios, Belén López, Sergio Aranda, Rafael Peral, Jesús Fernández, Adrián Sánchez, Alfonso Losa, Juan Andrés Maya and a long etc.

Classical singer and follower of the most traditional Flemish schools, Pedro Sanz shares the stage with cante figures such as José Menese, El Yunque, El Loreño, Capullo de Jerez, Chano Lobato, Chaquetón, Fosforito, Arcangel, etc.
He currently has a record entitled “Yunque, Martillo y estribo” on the market, for which he received favorable reviews from the country’s specialized press, acknowledging and praising the artist’s serious commitment to this art.

In collaboration with the ancient music group AXIVIL ALJAMIA, in 2008 Pedro Sanz made his second album, entitled “Perfume Mudéjar”, a work in which you can check the great versatility of this singer, since it is a Recording with texts from the Cancionero de Palacio, adapting the original music and lyrics to Andalusian rhythms, all with the collaboration of prestigious musicians specialized in such music. In this work the musical director Felipe Sánchez Mascuñano has shaped what could be an Andalusian evening. With this repertoire the group AXIVIL ALJAMIA and Pedro Sanz, are touring a large part of the Spanish geography, in which they have received numerous very favorable reviews from the specialists in ancient music and are making their way in the international music festivals, as well as in Morocco where they have recently achieved great success in five of the main cities of this country.

He has also collaborated in the recording of the didactic book-book “Cante por cante”

It was the image of the record company “Flamenco en el Foro”, collaborating in advertising spots for Spanish Television for the promotion of that company.

Pedro is currently carrying out his activity in the Madrid tablao “LAS TABLAS”, and with the company Flamenco Vive he collaborates in educational shows for children participating in festivals such as “Flamenco pa ‘tos”, with this company he has collaborated in the DVD recording of the show “Flamenco lives with children”.

With the company of Blanca del Rey he worked in different cities in Spain and in Madrid, specifically in the Festival “Veranos de la Villa” and “Flamenco pa’ tos “

Hold conferences-illustrated on flamenco, collaborating with the flamenco critic Manuel Moraga, with the title “Introduction to feeling Flamenco”

He has recently been part of the Gypsy Festival in Switzerland, sharing the stage with the Gypsy Queen Esma.

Since 2010 he works as a Flamenco Specialist Professor at the Royal Conservatory of Dance Mariemma in Madrid.

He regularly collaborates in the representations of the work “La vida Breve” of Manuel de Falla, under the direction of the prestigious teacher D. Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos, with whom he has worked on numerous occasions both in the US and in Europe, he has also collaborated with Teachers D. Pedro Halffter and D. Maximiano Valdés, among the most outstanding collaborations of recent years are the following:

  • Boston Symphony Orchestra – Boston (USA) 2002
  • Symphony Orchestra of the Principality of Asturias – Oviedo (Spain) 2002
  • Boston Symphony Orchestra – Tanglewood – Boston (USA) 2003
  • Orchestra of the Community of Madrid – Madrid (Spain) with the work “La Tempranica” 2003
  • Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra – Bergen (Norway) 2004
  • Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra – Oslo (Norway) 2004
  • Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra – Dresden (Germany) 2006
  • Paris Orchestra – Paris (France) 2006
  • Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra – Bucharest (Romania) 2007
  • Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra – Burgos (Spain) 2007
  • Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra – Dresden (Germany) 2007
  • RAI National Symphony Orchestra – Torino (Italy) 2007
  • New York Philharmonic Orchestra – New York (USA) 2008
  • Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra – Las P. G. C. (Spain) 2009
  • Israel Philharmonic Orchestra – Tel Aviv (Israel) 2009
  • Symphony Orchestra of the Principality of Asturias – Oviedo (Spain) October 2009 –On the occasion of the Prince of Asturias Awards-
  • Copenhagen Symphony Orchestra – Copenhagen 2011
  • St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra – St. Petersburg (Russia) 2011
  • Boston Symphony Orchestra – Tanglewood- Boston (USA) 2012
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