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Inmaculada Ortega

Originally from Jerez de la Frontera, Inmaculada began her dance career at the age of seven, along with her brother Domingo Ortega. During the last years she collaborated as a guest dancer in the concerts offered by the famous singers José Menese and Chano Lobato, as well as great musicians such as Jorge Pardo, Enrique de Melchor or Víctor Monje Serranito.

She directed her own company ” Aroma Flamenco ” while combining her work as a dancer with that of a teacher. She has been a guest teacher at the Comandante Fortea Dance Conservatory in 2018 while teaching courses internationally in countries such as Japan, Korea, Israel, Brazil, Germany, Italy, England, etc.

She has a long career of more than 30 years as a dance teacher, including in her teaching both children and adults. During the last three years she has been part of the court in the exams organized by APDE for the Spanish Dance career as well as Flamenco specialization.

She currently works as a teacher at her own FLAMENCO ORTEGA school in Jerez de la Frontera, Amor de Dios School of Flamenco Art in Madrid, Celia Pareja Dance School in Madrid, as well as organizes and directs an annual intensive flamenco workshop “TALLER FLAMENCO INMACULADA ORTEGA ”Event with great international growth.

Inmaculada also designs and produces her own fashion line and accessories.

Throughout her career as a solo dancer she has worked with Cia. Joaquín Ruiz, Cia. Domingo Ortega, Cia. By Miguel Angel Espino, Cia. Angel Muñoz, Cia. Antonio Alonso, María Benítez Teatro Flamenco, Cia. Noche Flamenca, and Ballet Albarizuela among many others.

She dances as an attraction and guest artist in numerous tablaos such as: Corral de la Morería, Casa Patas, Café de Chinitas, Las Tablas, or Café Ziryab among others.

Flamenco dancer, teacher and event organizer

Featured Performances

A lifetime dancing

Among the performances to highlight in her career as a solo dancer include: Suma Flamenca Festival of Madrid, Ases del Flamenco with Chano Lobato and José de la Tomasa, II International Flamenco Festival of Canada, ConexaoEspanha project 2010, 2009 and 2008 of Brazil, Festival of Jerez 2007 and 2008, Albuquerque International Flamenco Festival 2008, Universal Exhibition of Seville 92, Universal Exhibition of Taejon (Korea) 93, Todi International Dance Festival (Italy), Arriaga Theater of Bilbao, Joyce Theater in New York, Alcazar Theater Madrid, Palau de la Música de Barcelona, International Dance Day at the Albéniz Theater in Madrid, Womad Festival in the Canary Islands, Ford Amphitheater in Hollywood, Gran Teatro in Córdoba, Palau de Altea,  Festival Veranos de la Villa de Madrid, Festival Flamenco de Brasil 2017, I Flamenco Festival of Australia 2019, Cumbre Flamenca in Hollywood etc.



“Inmaculada Ortega, su baile desafiante, armónico y cargado de embrujo, todo un lujo sobre el escenario”


“Una bailaora curtida en mil y una batallas flamencas”
“Inma Ortega demuestra un amplio abanico de recursos, muy expresiva en su braceo y con un baile especialmente equilibrado”


“Inmaculada Ortega perhaps a ballerina or a bullfighter in another life. She had the audience absolutely etaing out of her hand!. Her incredible agility and style was matched point for point with flawless compas and engaging facial expression for each mood”


“Su baile es profesional y pulido, caracterizado por el dominio técnico y una personalidad carismática”


“Su propuesta ‘De la Raiz’ hecha a fuego lento por un baile estilizado, de exquisito braceo, de tridimensional escorzo y muy comunicativo”

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